Die CuttingDyna-Tek’s most publicized products to date have been our aerospace formulated, semi-permanent composite mold sealers and release coatings. These have been certified by BOEING for use in their BAC 5578 Advanced Structural Composite molds used in the 787, 777, and other programs.

Dyna-Tek has also been active in other markets, but we’ve typically sold other products under private label and exclusive agreements. This gave us the opportunity to sell through, and work with, some of the highest quality and regarded manufacturers in their respective industry segments.

The Die-Cutting Market

Moving forward, Dyna-Tek will be taking the lead in certain markets. The first of these will be non-stick coatings for the die-cutting market. Die-cutting adhesive-backed products results in a constant battle with the adhesives building up on the sides of the cutting blades. This in turn results in on-going maintenance, production, and quality waste costs.

For the die-cutting and industrial blade markets, Dyna-Tek will be offering our Dyna-SLICK™ and Dyna-SlickShield™ product brands.

For more information on how these coatings benefit the die-cutting market, see the previous case study we did with ARKRAY USA and their positive testimonials. And if you are interested in purchasing these products, please contact us.