When you’re cutting materials that begin to melt from the heat of the friction of the blade, you may see accumulation on the sides of your blades. This can result in an increasing amount of drag on the cutting blades as seen in the picture below. In some cases, when cutting substrates such as UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight), ACETAL, Nylon and other products, the blades can become stuck in the melting material… even though the sharpness of the blade isn’t the problem.

Product Build-Up on Industrial Cutting Blades

Product build-up not only increases drag on the blade, but ultimately causes the quality of the cutting surface to deteriorate.

Dyna-Tek’s Dyna-SlickShield™ HS (Heat Dissipation) version has provided significant relief to this issue because we’ve formulated it to provide the following: 

  1. Excellent high-temperature resistance of over 1000° F/538°
  2. Heat Dissipation additives causes the blades to shed (dissipate) the heat much faster than the metal does by itself.
  3. Coefficient of Friction equal to fluoropolymer (think PTFE-based non-stick) coatings.
  4. Chemical bonds to the surface versus a mechanical bond. Whereas PTFE-based coatings often rely on a mechanical (physical etching of the surface), SlickShield has covalent (chemical) bonds in the coating itself and depending upon the curing temperature there can be a covalent bond to your blade’s surface as well.


If you have a resin-based product that is challenging to cut for some of these reasons, give us a call. If we feel we can provide you with a solution, we will back it up with an “Unconditional Guarantee” that if you aren’t satisfied with the benefits, we will refund your money.

For more information, call us at 855.500.6266 and ask for Technical Support, or email us at info@Dyna-Tek.com.