The Best Non-Stick Solution for Controlling Adhesive Build-up… Period.

The BEST solution for controlling adhesion build-up starts with our proven hydrophobic coating technologies. But inevitably ALL non-stick coatings will begin to decline with wear and tear… which is why we put the SOLUTION in the hands of the CONVERTERS. Dyna-Tek’s coatings are formulated to be recoatable and relatively easy to apply.

We know this industry!

Our coatings were first introduced by PRECO in 2017 as Die-Slide™ and Die-Slide™ Renovate, today we now sell direct to many of the industry’s leading Die Tooling and Equipment manufacturers. Converters can now control their destiny.

Come see us at the CONVERTERS EXPO at Booth 1018, on April 18th (1-day Exhibition) to learn more, or email us at

We will be at the CONVERTERS EXPO on April 18th, 2024!