Since adding Dyna-Tek’s products along with our preventative maintenance processes, our daily production output has increased over 200%!

“Dyna-Tek’s Dyna-SlickShield™ and Dyna-SLICK™ coating system has become one of the key components in our ongoing battle with the buildup of residue from the production materials.  We depend on it daily!”
– WIT, Inc., Automated Lines Supervisor

Case Study: WIT, Inc.The Challenge: The core of our manufacturing process at WIT involves the use of an automated line wherein extremely high temperatures are used to produce our products. This heat results in our products creating an unwanted residue which continues to build up, causing operational headaches and excessive down time to conduct extensive cleaning.

An old, wise saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (by Benjamin Franklin). A current day author and speaker named Don McPherson has phrased it another way: “True prevention means not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.”

Our Production Team at WIT, who is responsible for operating and maintaining the automated lines while keeping production schedules on track, believe whole-heartedly in this philosophy. With this mind-set, downtime and quality issues are minimized thereby allowing us to maximize the output of our automated lines. A key element of this success comes from daily, periodic cleaning of the automated production line equipment used to manufacture WIT’s products. This focus has resulted in higher, uninterrupted production runs due to a significant decrease in production down-time due to residue build-up causing machine down time.

Our collaborations with Extreme Coating Solutions (ECS), resulted in our introduction to a sister-company of theirs called Dyna-Tek and the processes we use today. They recommended two of Dyna-Tek’s products made for the die-cutting and industrial knives/blades markets called Dyna-SlickShield™ and Dyna-SLICK™. To ensure that our parts start off with the right surface prep, sealer, and coating application, ECS applies the initial Dyna-SlickShield™ and Dyna-SLICK™ coating system.

Once these parts are reinstalled in the production line, we see the extended, uninterrupted production runs take place. To keep these parts performing in the same manner they do when first reinstalled, we have made the on-going, daily applications of Dyna-SLICK a part of our on-going maintenance… without having to remove the parts from the line.

We have learned that by scheduling preemptive 5-minute breaks, 3 – 4 times per 10-hour shift to re-apply Dyna-SLICK; wiping down the areas of the equipment where the residue collects. It turns out that Dyna-SLICK™ is not only a great top coating for previously coated parts, but it is also an amazing heavy-duty cleaner as well.

The Solution: These additions to our maintenance program have produced impressive results:

  • 67% decrease in machine downtime.
  • Overall increases in machine efficiency during the shift.
  • Significant reductions in financial costs due to material scrap and non-conforming products.