ZyCoatDyna-Tek® has introduced an enhanced temperature resistant gloss clear coating capable of handling temperatures of up to 1,200° F (650° C). This new product was developed in conjunction with ZyCoat (www.zycoat.com) who has been Dyna-Tek’s marketing and distribution partner for high-temp coating segments in the automotive aftermarket industry.

ZyCoat, the exclusive distributor for ZyClear™, introduced ZyClear™ for the first time at this year’s SEMA Show  in Las Vegas. Tim McCarthy, President of ZyCoat and HushMat commented on the reception ZyClear received at this year’s show, “The enthusiasm at SEMA for ZyClear was non-stop. Hot rodders, car builders, engine builders, racing and performance shops and restoration shops were all interested in ZyClear. The ability to provide a durable, gloss clear coat on most powder coats, chrome, stainless steel, mild steel, cast and aluminum or as a gloss topcoat over ZyBar high temperature coatings in the extreme high temperature and hard running under the hood environment was very well received.”

The ZyClear coating is being marketed as a gloss clear coat capable of maintaining its gloss on components in the engine compartment that don’t see surface temperatures greater than 1,200° F. In addition to maintaining its gloss, ZyClear has outstanding adhesion to most types of metals as well as other organic coatings and inorganic plating finishes (except those with silicone contents.)

Like ZyCoat’s ZyBar coatings, ZyClear™ is a very good heat dissipator, so it can be used on top of the ZyBar coatings not only to provide a gloss finish but also enhance the abrasion and durability of ZyBar. ZyCoat will be exhibiting at the Performance and Race Industry show in Indianapolis, IN December 8-11, 2022 Booth #138.

For more information on ZyClear™, contact ZyCoat.