ZyCoat LogoSeveral years ago, Dyna-Tek entered into an agreement to with ZyCoat™ to private label Dyna-Tek’s heat dissipation coating technology into the automotive, marine, and racing after-market sectors. Tim McCarthy, President of ZyCoat recognized the synergies of having a coating option alternative to another product line of his known as HUSHMAT™.

Recently, Dyna-Tek and ZyCoat agreed to expand their business collaborations to include new R&D and product development efforts.

Previously, ZyCoat’s distribution and marketing of Dyna-Tek products has been strictly a private-label relationship, and certainly one of Dyna-Tek’s most successful private-label collaborations to date. With this new agreement, Tim McCarthy and his team at ZyCoat and Hushmat will continue their exclusive agreement with Dyna-Tek in the automotive, marine and racing after-market products segments, but with more of a co-branding emphasis.

ZyBar Family of Products

Expanded Collaboration

On the agenda for this expanded collaboration will be new colors, higher gloss versions of ZyCoat products, improved heat dissipation properties and by year-end, a new heat shielding product with excellent corrosion resistance.

For more information on ZyCoat’s current line of products, please visit their website at Zycoat.com. At their website you’ll be able to find an ever-growing list of testimonials and positive testing results including the tests at the links below:

For more information on Dyna-Tek, visit our website at www.Dyna-Tek.com, email our CEO directly at JimS@Dyna-Tek.com or call us at 855.500.6266.

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