ARKRAY LogoIndustrial knives, cutting blades, shear blades… ALL these blades are specially engineered to provide optimum blade sharpness durability to keep production downtime to a minimum.

For the packaging industry, whether cutting through reams of adhesive-backed Post-it® notes or laminating cardboard, the enemy to cutting endurance is the adhesive. As blades cut through the media, the adhesives inevitably begin to build up on the sides of the blades and the areas around the cutting stations.

One of our clients, ARKRAY USA, began to use Dyna-Tek’s Dyna-Slick™ (DT-7001) around 4 years ago with great results.

Rotary Die Cutting Cylinder

The rotary die-cutting cylinder above is solely to depict a rotary cutting product but is not related to ARKRAY’s process described below.

Jim Nundahl, the Equipment Systems and Facility Manager for ARKRAY says the following:

“Our medical converting process consists of rotary cutting product that creates adhesive build up not only on the cutting blades but post cutting assemblies. We have tried everything from ice blasting to chemicals for releasing this buildup. Before using Dyna-Tek’s release coating, to remove the adhesive build up, our parts had to be dunked in ultrasonic chemical baths. This process took a great deal of time, added significant costs, downtime, and various hazards.

The Dyna-SLICK coating treatment significantly reduces adhesive grab on our stainless steel and coated assemblies. Before Dyna-SLICK, the adhesive was like removing sticky gum. Now we easily dry pick adhesive when it builds up and retreat with another coat (of DT-7001); all of which takes a fraction of the time.

Dyna-Tek’s product has literally changed how we deal with the adhesives in our process in every way. Remarkable product!”

Jim Nundahl’s willingness to try new technologies is part of the progressive ARKRAY culture, and we’re pleased to be a supplier as part of their success.

Whether it is cutting blades, rollers or any other surfaces where adhesive build up causes production through-put to deteriorate, let us help. For more information, please call 816-444-6266 or email us at