You probably know the story about the cobbler’s children not having any shoes. It implies that we spend all our efforts focusing on serving others with the benefits of our “craft” and forget to take care of ourselves. In our case, one of the coatings we sell is called Dyna-SlickShield™. It’s a great hydrophobic/super-slick coating that’s also very durable and corrosion-resistant. And some of our own equipment hasn’t been getting any of those benefits.

Scott Turbine® High Shear Mixer with Dyna-SlickShield™

One of the pieces of equipment we use for the production of some of our coatings is our Scott Turbine® High Shear Mixer. Scott Turbine Mixers are well made, so you can count on the inner-workings of these beasts to last a long time if you maintain them well. Ours is no exception as the inside components remain in good shape. But as you can see, it doesn’t take much for the attractive brushed metal finish to start showing the stains and residue build-up that occurs while moving our ingredients in and out of the mixing bowls.


Wes Weidman, who is in charge of our production and quality programs; said he wanted to clean it up and put on a couple of coats of our Dyna-SlickShield so it would be easier to keep clean. He did a great job and turned our eyesore of a mixer into the good looking, high-tech equipment it is.

We will be running production in it soon, so we’ll follow this up with pictures showing how easy it was to clean up.


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