Dyna-Tek Marine CoatingsOwners of PWC’s know that for all the fun they enjoy out on the water, the price they pay is the on-going battle they wage to protect their crafts from the corrosion, staining and general deterioration to their crafts caused by water, especially salt water. It’s Dyna-Tek’s mission for PWC owners to spend more enjoying and living life!

  • Gloss retention per ASTM G53 – greater than 50% gloss retention at 26 weeks.
  • Excellent chemical resistance from gasoline, harsh cleaning solvents, etc.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance from salt water
  • Color and clear coatings with outstanding adhesion to all components of PWC’s ranging from the fiberglass and polished metal surfaces to the unseen but vulnerable electrical wiring and components.

Dyna-Tek’s Marine Dyna-SlickShield™ coatings… coming in May 2021.