Dyna-Tek is pleased to introduce a new, game-changing non-stick, mold-release coatings technologies.

Tire Bladder MoldThis comprehensive product line of new, patented technologies has been market tested over the past 3-4 years with success in a range of applications.

A great example of this technology in use is enhancing the release properties of tire molds.

For a deep dive on the real world application successes:
Case Study: Tire Bladder Mold | Case Study: Tire Staging-Resting Plate

Other markets where our mold release coatings are having great success include:

  • Glass-filled nylon extrusion molding processes.
  • Embossing molds for the printing industry.
  • Composite resin molds (with no silicone, thus no silicone transfer to the molded surfaces).
  • High-temperature, high-release applications where Fluoropolymer coatings cannot perform.

What makes these coatings “game-changing” are some of the following attributes:

  1. No free silicones. As a result, these coatings do not influence operations “downstream” from the molding processes like post-molded parts finishing.
  2. High-temperature resistance over 1000 deg. F.
  3. Thin-film coatings ranging from 3 -13 microns (symbol here).
  4. Applications techniques; conventional spray on or wipe on. In some cases, a flow/dip coat application will work as well.
  5. Ambient air to forced cure.
  6. Re-coatable. Inevitably, like all coatings; these coatings will wear off as well. Unlike most all coatings, our will re-coat over itself with no mechanical pretreatments; just clean with denatured alcohol and reapply.
  7. Excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials. All metals, and many plastic substrates. These coatings also adhere to most platings, and organic coatings. As a result, this means we have shown numerous cases where the Dyna-Tek coatings are enhancing the non-stick/easy clean and corrosion resistance properties of these surface finishes.

For more information, including case studies and technical sheets please visit the Dyna-Tek website.