Patent Doc PicBeing awarded the patent for the 6060 coating puts an exclamation point on the potential for this product going forward. Since developing and filing for the patent 4 years ago, we’ve found this product to have a versatile range of applications besides its designed use as a mold release coating.

In short some of the projects we will be unveiling in more detail include:

  • Ceramic Cookware.
    Use of the 6060 as a wipe-on coating that revitalizes Sol-Gel cookware coatings once they inevitably begin to lose their release properties.
  • Die cutting blades.
    On die cutting equipment, the 6060 performs very well. Testing has shown a significant reduction in adhesive build-up on the die cutting blades; which of course extends production. Additionally, the application of 6060 (wiped on) on uncoated blades served to remove and clean the adhesive already built-up on the blades while depositing 6060 into the metal of the blade.
  • Industrial and Consumer Knives/Cutlery.
    The 6060 serves to both protect the metal and enhance the slickness… meaning less drag and easier cutting. (Yes: It’s food-grade.)
  • Molds.
    Carbon-fiber composite molds, high-density glass-filled nylon molds, embossed paper molds, candy molds and more.

NOTE: We are not saying it will work in all situations, so call or write us and let’s work on a project together.

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