Dyna-Tek’s coatings are designed and engineered to polymerize (cure) when exposed to oxygen and moisture, which essentially means they can be air-cured (as well as thermally). Although we have always minimized the introduction of air in our manufacturing process, it has been our expectation to eliminate this variable. As a result, we have been re-engineering our production processes to live in an atmosphere with no oxygen (or moisture) present.


ArgonMedical-grade Argon was chosen because it is completely inert and doesn’t react with our chemistries. Argon presents the ideal atmosphere for our coating manufacturing process. Since the air we breathe only consists of around 1% Argon, we needed to re-engineer our systems to exist in an Argon-filled environment. After beta-testing this in smaller batches, we decided to move ahead with changing over our production system.

Started in February, we’re nearing completion and will go live in July. In addition to further improving on our ability to deliver and certify batch to batch production lots of our coatings, this process will also increase the shelf life of Dyna-Tek coating products.

Dyna-Tek’s commitment to continuous improvements in our Quality Management Systems (QMS) are occurring in various areas of our company. This includes the recent addition of in-house FTIR analysis capabilities (click here for more information on this).

For more information on these capabilities, please feel free to reach out to Jim Stuelke, CEO of Dyna-Tek via email jims@dyna-tek.com or call him directly at 816.381.9690.