2019 Additive Manufacturing Conference

As part of our preparations for our 2020 launch of two new coating products for use in the additive manufacturing (AI) market, we attended the Additive Manufacturing Conference in Austin, TX earlier this year. Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3-D Printing, is a fast-growing technology that is impacting a broad range of industries.

Hats off to Gardner Business Media who presented the AM2019 conference and fielded several great speakers. The picture above was Steven Woods, the Chief Additive Manufacturing Engineer at GE Aviation who gave a great overview of GE’s cutting-edge technologies at GE Power Advanced Manufacturing Works; located in Greenville, SC.

Dyna-Tek will be introducing polymer coatings that will be able to be used for interim sealing, a wide range of porosities, and subsequently mechanically (sanding, machining, others); and then final sealer coatings.

Dyna-Tek will begin publishing more information on these new products right after the first of the year in 2020!

For more information on Dyna-Tek, please visit our website at www.dyna-tek.com