Argon Blanketed Dispensing TanksBy the end of March, our new argon-blanketed dispensing tanks will be added to our production facility. These 130 gallon tanks will store some of Dyna-Tek’s finished coating products in an argon gas pressurized and blanketed environment prior to dispensing.

Why Argon?

The food industry generally uses Nitrogen gas when packaging food such as potato chips to extend the life of the food once packaged. Conversely, our coatings are designed to cure when exposed to oxygen and moisture. Argon however is chemically inert to our coatings and therefore the perfect atmosphere for keeping these coatings stable while in production, storage and while packaging.

Once completed, this system will have oxygen monitors and 24/7 tracking and alarms should there be any power failures or equipment issues. This equipment is another step in our expectations to be able to demonstrate Best-in-Class Quality Management System (QMS) in our coatings manufacturing processes.

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