Dyna-Tek is pleased to announce it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Gold Tip® to supply our new DYNA-SLICKSHIELD™ polymer coating technology for Gold Tip’s brand-new, top-end hunting arrow; the AIRSTRIKE.

Gold Tip unveiled the AIRSTRIKE arrow this past week at the 2019 ATA (Archery Trade Association) show in Louisville, Kentucky on January 10th.

Gold Tip’s reputation for high-quality, carbon fiber manufacturing and their relentless search for continuous improvements is part of why it is always among the top innovators in the archery industry. This led them on a search for a clear coating that would not only protect their carbon fiber shafts better, but add performance as well.

Dyna-Tek answered the call on this request with our new DYNA-SLICKSHIELD coating.

In addition to providing a more durable, abrasion-resistant coating to protect their shafts, DYNA-SLICKSHIELDhas the following characteristics:

  • DYNA-SLICKSHIELD is SLICK… based on our testing, it has the lowest coefficient of friction (COF) available in the archery market. Less friction works with momentum instead of against momentum. In the archery market, less friction means deeper penetration for a hunter’s arrow. Deeper penetration increases the odds for a quick, clean and more humane kill.
  • DYNA-SLICKSHIELD improves aerodynamics. In a sport where any performance edge helps, DYNA-SLICKSHIELD consistently showed a gain of 1 foot per second.
  • DYNA-SLICKSHIELD has a high-temperature resistance (over 1,000⁰ F) and mitigates the heat created from the friction created as the arrow slams into its targets at 300 feet per second; whether while hunting or target shooting.

Dyna-Tek is proud to be collaborating and supplying GOLD TIP on their new AIRSTRIKE arrow launch!

For more information and to purchase the AIRSTRIKE arrow, please click here.

For more information about Dyna-Tek, contact us at info@Dyna-Tek.com