Extreme Coating Solutions: Mold Case Study June 2017

Original Leaking Mold Surface

CHALLENGE: 50’ x 4’ Aircraft Spar Tool would not hold vacuum, and a small quantity of production parts from the Tool was still required.

Attempts to repair and extend the life of the mold thru various options had failed. If unable to repair the mold, the replacement cost would be $175,000, which was greater than the value of the remaining parts needed to complete the production contract.

SOLUTION: Dyna-Tek (DT) Mold Sealer/Release System… Face side of the mold.

  • DT 2-coat sealer and mold release system is hand-applied and worked into the surface on the face side of the mold.
  • No silicone contamination.
  • Coating system adds no more than 4-8 microns, thus virtually no dimensional change to the tooling surface dimensions
  • Air-cure (preferably 4-5 days).
  • Covalent (molecular) bond. A chemical bond occurs at the molecular level with the composite substrate creating a chemical bond vs. a mechanical bond.
  • On-going “refurbishment” coats can be applied by our client’s Tooling Dept. on an “as needed” basis not only extending tool life, but keeping production pull quality high.
Extreme Coating Solutions: Mold Case Study June 2017

Refurbished Mold Surface

RESULT: Our team went on-site and repaired the mold; successfully sealing the surface and permitting this OEM to complete its production contract at a cost less than 10% of the mold’s replacement cost.


  • Zero vacuum
  • Mold sealed from the front side.
  • Once refurbished; vacuum measured 1.18 in. Hg in 5 min.